Underwear. Intimates. Lingerie.

Whatever you call it, this layer of clothing elicits the most visceral reaction. Underwear sells
overt promises: seduction, a slimmer waistline, voluptuousness, confidence; and many hidden
ones. Women’s underwear design, in particular, reflects society’s view of acceptable female
roles through desired projections of physical appearance.

From the 18th century through today, exaggeration of the female form by underwear design
enhances or reduces our natural bodies. Whether by corsets, bustles, binders, bras, or
girdles, women consciously change their bodies to represent how they feel about themselves
and how they want others to perceive them.

This show touches on many aspects associated with underwear — gender, body image,
sexuality, power, personal history, privacy, and technology — with edgy interpretations of
traditional craft. These artists have points-of-view ranging from witty to moving to political.
Each shapes a unique vision to create amazing work, often bending rules of materials and
techniques in doing so.

These eleven artists represent a wide range of vision and technique. All of us have
exhibited nationally, many have pieces in public and private collections, have received
grants and awards, teach at universities, participate in workshops, panels and other public
media, have been repeatedly published and recognized for their work. We live all around
the U.S., and many have studied and exhibited globally. We are a diverse group of women
who share a love of creating art with many layers of meaning.